Tidal Wave Transition Retreat

A co-ed retreat for teens and young adults with bleeding disorders

Tidal Wave Retreat for Teens (Male & Female) with Bleeding Disorders

For male and female teens and young adults! We will ride the Tidal Wave into new experiences, new activities, and age-appropriate activities that challenge and appeal to teens.

The Tidal Wave retreat for teens with bleeding disorders will offer many different activities with an elective format: music, adventure activities, sports, boating, ropes course, and community service projects.  Interactive workshops to offer new life skills to successfully live with a bleeding disorder, motivational sessions, stress relief techniques, and so much more. NEW this year: Co-ed format: open to males and females with bleeding disorders.

Unlike other retreats, Tidal Wave retreat for teens with bleeding disorders activities are developed just for teens. We believe in the value of fun and play. Transition retreat teens will have a great time choosing the activities that interest them, challenge them, and make them happy!

Tidal Wave retreat for teens with bleeding disorders only caters to rising 13 – 18 year old attendees, we are free to create activities, events and schedules that are developmentally appropriate for teens only! We don’t have to cater to “little kids” and teenagers in one program, and recognize that 9 year olds and 15 year olds with hemophilia have very different interests and ability levels.

Diversity and inclusion are core values of the TWTR. We believe that by creating a space that celebrates the individual, and in which every individual feels safe, all our retreat participants are free to be their best selves.  We will have a space for adolescents to tell their own stories, and learn more about who they are and what interests them.

Competition is by choice at Tidal Wave retreat for teens with bleeding disorders who want to play competitive team or individual sports, they will find plenty of safe and fun competition. For those who wish to play for love of the game, fitness and socialization, there is plenty of opportunity to do so. And because our program is elective, those who want to concentrate on the arts, or music, or water sports are free to do so.

The TWTR will provide a welcome respite for teens from the stresses of the school year. In addition to being smartphone free, attendees enjoy access to nature, tons of activity, good food, an appropriate sleep schedule (11pm – 8am), blocks of free time, the friendship of other great teens and guidance of caring staff and the medical team from the Louisiana Center for Bleeding & Clotting Disorders and on site with 24 hour coverage.

Summer should be about fun, learning skills school doesn’t teach and you can’t always discuss during a doctor’s visit, and recharging emotionally and creatively. Our co-ed retreat for Teens with bleeding disorders and hemophilia is a fun, educational retreat.

We provide the supervision, 3:1 staffing ratio, and stability that only a retreat can provide. Teen tours simply can’t offer the same levels of support, adult instruction and supervision

Come to hang out with other teens with bleeding disorders for a shared sense of community, in safe and well-supervised social environment.

For a fun summer experience, packed full of new experiences, the exploration of new activities, and a teen only space, don’t miss the Tidal Wave Transition Retreat!