Tidal Wave Transition Retreat

A camp for teens and young adults with hemophilia

Welcome to the Tidal Wave Transition Retreat, 2018!

For teens and young adults with bleeding disorders. Ride the Tidal Wave into new experiences, new activities, and age-appropriate activities that challenge and appeal to teens. Hang out with other teens with hemophilia for a shared sense of community, in safe, well-supervised social environment! To be held on the beautiful campus of Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. Attendees can look forward to experiencing staying on a college campus with a camp feel. Attendees will navigate around campus, interact with the Tulane departments and enjoy lodging in the dorms.

What to Expect...

  • Activities with an elective format: rock music, sports, boating, ropes course, community service projects

  • Interactive workshops: To learn new life skills to successfully live with a bleeding disorder, motivational sessions, stress relief techniques, and so much more.

  • Unlike other retreats, our activities are developed just for teens:We believe in the value of fun and play. Tidal Wave Transition Retreat teens will have a great time choosing the activities that interest them, challenge them, and make them happy!

  • College and future planning utilizing the Tulane Campus resources, experience the unique opportunity being on a college campus, learning independence.

The Tidal Wave Transition Retreat


Many different activities with an elective format: rock music, tennis sports, waterskiing, boating, ropes course, cooking, and community service projects.


We create a space that celebrates the individual, and in which every individual feels safe, all our retreat participants are free to be their best selves.


Hang out with other teens with hemophilia for a shared sense of community, in safe and well-supervised social environment 

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